Organizations face a number of challenges in respect to talent, including gaining the maximum possible discretionary performance from each employee and retaining top talent.

These are both impacted directly by the individual’s level of engagement. This, in turn, is impacted by a number of specific factors, each of which is relatively more or less important to each individual. Many organizations address this issue generically, but each individual has different preferences and needs in terms of what they expect from their organization, their work, their manager and the environment.

Managers need to be able to diagnose those individual needs and then take specific actions to address them. Black Rand Holdings has developed a range of tools, processes and training to establish effective processes for ensuring maximum levels of employee engagement.

Black Rand Holdings works with each client to examine its needs, identify its capability and readiness to change, and then to plan for and implement appropriate solutions. These may be, for example, new processes, new applications created using application development platform, new metrics for managing decision-making processes, or even skills training for employees, managers or HR. Options include but are not limited to assessment centers (physical and virtual), tests, psychometric profiles, interviews and portfolios.

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