Studies have indicated that less than one-third of all Career and Succession Plans ever get implemented. There are many different schools of thought about why this might happen, but clearly there is something wrong if processes (which often consume substantial resources) generate plans that are so unreliable.

Black Rand Holdings works with each client to ensure processes that produce talent deployment plans really do engage the appropriate stakeholders and consider aspirations and commitment to increase their validity and reliability. We also explore the reasons why, when faced with vacancies, managers might not want to implement the prevailing plan and to develop resolutions to those factors.

Black Rand Holdings works with each client to examine its talent deployment needs, identify its capability and readiness to change, and then to plan for and implement appropriate solutions. These may be, for example, new processes, new applications created using application development platform, new metrics for managing decision-making processes, or even skills training for employees, managers or HR.

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