Are you looking to improve how you:

  •  Analyze the data that you have about people, their jobs and their performances (Workforce Analytics)
  •  Look ahead and plan your future workforce (Workforce Planning)
  •  Examine critical roles and develop and implement plans to ensure continuity (Succession Planning)

 Identify critical people, engage them and develop and implement plans to retain them (Engagement and Retention) support individuals to develop and implement plans to progress their careers in their own and their organizations’ best interests? (Career Management)

If so, Black Rand Holdings Solutions can work with you to:

  • Develop defined and clear business goals and factors that can be used to measure success
  • Determine what can be done to meet those needs
  • Design and define a best-fit solution (integrated set of process, technology, communications, training, change program or any combination of these)
  • Develop and implement the designed solution (including best-fit technology with guaranteed upward compatibility if needed – no longer are custom solutions risky, time consuming, expensive or unsustainable)
  • Implement the solution and sustain it over time to ensure a true return on investment.

Black Rand Holdings works with each client to examine its needs, identify its capability and readiness to change, and then to plan for and implement appropriate solutions. These may be, for example, new processes, new applications created using application development platform, new metrics for managing decision-making processes, or even skills training for employees, managers or HR.

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