Where human dynamics, behaviour change processes, HR data and contemporary technology converge

Too many feedback processes do not deliver the desired goals, whether they involve feedback to individuals (e.g., 360 or Multi-rater feedback) or to units, teams or organizations (e.g., employee or engagement surveys).

Effective feedback facilitation ensures active and open-minded engagement with the data through to ensuring the implementation of a focused, practical and appropriate set of development activities (e.g., individual coaching).

Designing and implementing effective multi-rater processes that produce genuine returns on investment requires an in-depth understanding of human dynamics, behaviour change processes, HR data and contemporary technology – plus a lot of experience! Black Rand Holdings has just those skills and experience and can work with you to design such facilitation, train your managers/facilitators to provide it, or provide you with our expert coaches and facilitators.

Implementing an effective process involves a number of steps:

  1. Determine the Purpose – most tools work best when used for one application rather than many
  2. Define the Feedback Data-model & Questions – this can include rated and/or narrative response questions
  3. Determine the Process – who will participate, how providers will be chosen, etc.
  4. Communicate the Process – this should include all involved; not just those intended to receive the feedback
  5. Determine Means for Feedback Collection – provide the means to collect and record quality feedback (comprehensive, valid, reliable, differentiating, useful and defensible)
  6. Collate and Analyze the Results – this is different and an essential pre-cursor to ‘interpret the results’
  7. Produce High-Quality Reports – the reports for each individual and/or group/whole organization that communicate clearly the messages in the data; no more, no less
  8. Facilitate/Deliver the Results – deliver the feedback in a way that maximizes the probability of it being acted on. Make sure that the data is engaged with, understood and only then interpreted and set in a context that allows prioritization and action-planning
  9. Follow Through – behaviour change does not happen easily
  10. Evaluate Progress and Refine the Plan.

We can provide you with various Feedback Facilitation services:

  • Individual Feedback Facilitation
  • Individuals In-Group Facilitation
  • Facilitation of Feedback Workshops
  • ‘Train the Trainer’ for an individual Experienced Facilitators
  • ‘Train the Trainer’ for a Group of Experienced Facilitators

If you want to ensure that your feedback data makes sustainable difference to the business through targeted, planned and achieved behaviour change, why not give us a call? With Black Rand Holding’s Feedback Facilitation services, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

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