Developing executives to become more effective

Too many feedback processes do not deliver the desired goals, whether they involve feedback to individuals (e.g., 360 or Multi-rater feedback) or to units, teams or organizations (e.g., employee or engagement surveys). Without further development or coaching, they produce short-term interest but little sustainable change.

The collection & provision of feedback data is merely the start of any improvement process; effective facilitation & subsequent management of the development process are key to the realization of a true return on investment.

In order to help individuals achieve sustainable development, Black Rand Holdings provides coaching that enables valued executives to, for example, develop interpersonal, communications & leadership skills. These skills, properly honed, can then help executives to attract, develop & motivate people, successfully negotiate organizational dynamics, contribute effectively as part of a group & lead to the best of their potential.

Coaching sessions are usually conducted face-to-face. In relation to 360 Degree Feedback, an initial facilitation/coaching session will usually ensure that the recipient:

 understands the report structure and content

 has been challenged and accepts the key messages contained in the feedback, including probably benefits & consequences associated with those messages

 understands any themes of patterns in the data

 has identified some development priorities (e.g., enhancing on-job performance; preparing for a career move; addressing issues with staff relations; )

 has identified some options for achieving those goals.

Subsequent coaching sessions build on that foundation & are focused on ensuring pragmatic development planning; practical development activity and a constant focus on achieving impact not merely activity.

Black Rand Holdings coaches have extensive coaching and hands-on organizational experience combined with Occupational Psychology and HRD backgrounds. All Black Rand Holdings consultants are seasoned professionals with a minimum of five-ten years of consulting experience. In their coaching work, they focus on building learning frameworks, to provide a solid foundation for practical development.

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