Workforce planning enables an organization to predict and plan to meet its future resourcing needs.

Effective Workforce Planning is supported by two other key components: Workforce Analytics and Workforce Management.

Workforce Analytics

The collection of quality data (comprehensive, valid, reliable, differentiating, useful and defensible) about people and positions, past, current and future. Only with quality intelligence can effective plans be developed and implemented.

Workforce Planning

The study of the potential demand for talent and the supply (actual and potential) of suitable talent to meet that demand and the determination of how gaps (positive and negative) will be addressed (e.g., by modifications to standard processes or by implementation of specific actions).

Workforce Management

The processes via which the actions needed to balance talent demand and supply are taken. These include Selection & Recruitment at one end, Career Management and Succession Planning in the middle, and Outplacement at the end of the Talent Lifecycle.

Black Rand Holdings works with each client to examine its needs, identify its capability and readiness to change, and then to plan for and implement appropriate solutions. These may be, for example, new processes, new applications created using application development platform, new metrics for managing decision-making processes, or even skills training for employees, managers or HR.

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