If you need to acquire quality (comprehensive, valid, reliable, differentiating, useful and defensible) assessments of your people, you need:

  • A clear understanding of what the assessment is intended to help you achieve
  • A robust methodology (including processes, instruments and other tools)
  • A means of capturing and using the data produced.

Black Rand Holdings HR Solutions can provide you with design consultancy, instruments, tools, assessors and technology to underpin your assessment projects. We will work with you to ensure a best-fit solution.

Visit any of the following pages for further information on some of our offerings:

  • Executive assessment services
  • Assessment and development centers
  • Employee and organizational survey solutions
  • 360 degree and multi-rater feedback assessments.

We aim to provide you with ROBUST, VALID, and OBJECTIVE assessments of your talent in a professional and sensitive manner. You will gain insight into your talent’s personal capabilities so that they can avoid derailing behaviours and continue to develop personal agility and growth.

How we will work with you:

Each intervention is tailored to your circumstances and requirements. However, the key steps are essentially:

  • Step one – Clarify the purpose of the process including the business context, culture, frameworks or models that need to be included
  • Step two – Agree the model for assessment and design the assessment process and any unique simulations required
  • Step three – Engage the participants for personalized assessment/development process as applicable
  • Step four – Black Rand Holdings write-up findings and ratings
  • Step five – Black Rand Holdings provides feedback to the organization
  • Step six – Feedback to the participants as applicable.

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