360 Degree Feedback was born in the late ‘70s & its usage has exploded. However, just providing feedback to people does not guarantee that they will respond positively & develop from what is learned.

  • If you are contemplating using 360 Degree Feedback to increase self-awareness, to focus development or to increase the validity of assessments in a sustainable way, Black Rand Holdings can help you to be successful. We have over three decades of global experience & an extensive range of solutions from which you can benefit.
  • We provide a custom 360 feedback & multi-rater feedback solution where clients enjoy fully configured web-sites, questionnaires, processes, e-mail texts, chasing protocols, report formats, etc., all administered & supported by a knowledgeable & experienced Account Manager. This service truly provides the ultimate in outsourced, hassle-free multi-rater feedback. Additional features of this service can include real-time rater feedback, self-sign up services, aggregate data analysis, and an on-call process & feedback facilitation advice.

Our international team of consultants is also available to help you design, implement & ensure your return on a cutting edge multi-rater feedback process.

Black Rand Holdings also offers 360º & multi-rater feedback solutions as a managed service where we can rapidly deploy & manage the entire process for you. This option supports most clients’ own questionnaires & there is a range of reporting options available. Services include all administration & a client project manager’s help desk.

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