7. CORPORATE MANAGEMENT: Key Note Speakers/Facilitators


We are living, working and playing in a period of history that will have as far-reaching a result as the Industrial Revolution. We are only just beginning to grasp the realities of what it means to live in the tipping point between the old ways and the new ways of work.

  • As the world slowly emerges out of the deepest economic downturn in our lifetimes, we’re discovering that it’s been more than just a financial crisis.
  • Political, social, corporate, organisational and personal rules for success and failure have all shifted.
  • Now, more than ever, successful companies will be those that learn how to scan the horizon for disruptive trends, develop and implement strategies at speed, and embed high level systems thinking throughout their organisations – the type of thinking and levels of understanding that just a few years ago were reserved for the executive suite are now required by everyone, especially those on the frontline.
  • There are no roadmaps here – only compasses that point in the direction we must take.

Every industry and every part of business is going to be impacted. There are unparalleled opportunities but also unprecedented uncertainty, carrying equal amounts of hope and fear, and the new generation of leaders and businesses need a community to help them lead the charge for change. So we have set out to:

  • Be “thought-provocateurs” – start conversations, stimulate debates, provoke arguments and enjoy healthy tension!
  • Identify the inspirational innovators and idea merchants leading change in our world and in a new world of work.
  • Unpack business models, industries and businesses to identify why some are flying high and why others are crashing.
  • Provide insights into the parts of your organisation that specifically impact on people, namely: Strategy, Leadership, Talent and teams, Customer experience and marketing, and Organisational design.
  • Accurately, honestly and entertainingly communicate all of the above!

We show our clients how to use these insights to make strategic decisions about key aspects of their organisations, and develop tomorrow’s competitive advantage today. We start by understanding the changing world around us, then focus attention on specific industries and functional areas, and finally assist individuals to make successful, strategic contributions.

We help our clients make sense of the new world of work by providing the following services:

  • Research – a full-time research team focused on innovation & the future
  • Presentations – keynote speakers and interactive sessions delivering strategic insights
  • Workshops and leadership development programmes
  • Strategy facilitation – helping our clients implement strategies @ speed
  • Consulting – bespoke engagements that make visions of the future a reality

If you want to be part of the new breed of leaders and have recognised that your business needs to change, but you are not sure what this change looks like or how to communicate it, then contact us as we’d love to work with you.

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