You are not looking forward to running a new survey – we all know how challenging that can be! We suspect that your intention is to either learn about something or make something better. Either way, you need a method for collecting data and making sense of it.

Black Rand Holdings specializes in working with organizations to collect quality (comprehensive, valid, reliable, differentiating, useful and defensible) data. More importantly, we will work with you to make sure that the data can be easily analyzed, understood and interpreted so that you can make robust decisions about which actions to take.

We can also provide you with tools to help you plan track and manage post-survey actions if needed. Whether you ultimately prefer a standard or a custom solution, we will work with you to ensure a best-fit solution.


Based on designing, implementing and supporting solutions for our diverse range of clients. Black Rand Holdings, Human Capital Solutions has derived a methodology for developing true best-fit solutions, The Black Rand Holdings Method. Following this methodology, you will implement a solution that can:

  • Directly address the business goals and drives and deliver a measurable return on investment
  • Blend organizational preference with contemporary approaches, seizing on the behavioural engineering power of contemporary processes and technology
  • Combine innovation with contextual sensitivity, making a demonstrable difference without rejection
  • Be implemented in a robust yet timely manner, without taking undue time or resources
  • Address the OD demands associated with all change management initiatives, delivering long-term utilization and compliance well after the initial excitement of implementation.

You will probably find yourself following The Black Rand Holdings Method for other projects after you have seen how effective and efficient it is. The Black Rand Holdings Method will become Your Method.

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