1. Survey Solutions

Turning information into power

Organizational success depends on the implementation of a well-considered strategy. But how do we know whether or not our strategy is being implemented throughout the organization, and that our operations are aligned & delivering that strategy?

The answer is through feedback. Feedback on a continual basis from employees and customers is essential to ensuring continued business success and for obtaining a measure of how well aligned organizations are in achieving that strategy.


A carefully crafted survey could ensure you gain valuable information to make improvements.

  •  Increase your employee motivation
  •  Retain your top talent
  •  Unlock your people performance
  •  Better leverage the benefits of your diverse workforce
  •  Ensure HR processes are truly effective
  •  Improve interactions & processes by understanding different cultural dynamics
  •  Boost profitability

Our survey solutions include the design, delivery, administration, analysis, reporting, feedback, action planning & progress monitoring of employee & organizational surveys. Surveys can be delivered via the web, on paper, face-to-face, or via the telephone. We advise on the questions, use of ratings & narrative, sample sizes, communications, process, etc. We partner with you to deliver action, not just survey reports.

Choice of Surveys

We can load your own custom questionnaire or you can choose from a number of questionnaires now available:

  • Client Custom Surveys − Black Rand Holdings partners with clients to develop custom surveys & processes, & to implement these to meet client-specific needs. These surveys enable organizations to focus more specifically on their unique needs. This can ensure the collection of higher quality data (comprehensive, valid, reliable, differentiating, useful & defensible). It can also lead to great added-value actions.
  • HR Process Audits − These surveys uniquely explore the extent to which fundamental elements of each process (irrespective of how those processes are operated) are in place and effective in the organization. They help to prioritize process improvement actions & can be excellent pre-cursors to any process automation (performance management, talent management, compensation management).
  • 360° Feedback & Multi-rater Feedback Instruments ( 360, enVision.360, RESPECT 360) − In addition to offering customized feedback solutions, Black Rand Holdings offers 360 degree feedback as a managed service that combines the experience & skill of elite services teams & online assessment system with powerful reporting capabilities. We can support any questionnaire, intellectual property permitting.
  • Black Rand Holdings- Diversity Surveys (Black Rand Holdings ™) − These surveys explore the widest range of diversity factors that could be the subject of deliberate or unintentional bias or discrimination. They explore how those factors are perceived & how they influence our views of each other in within an organization.
  • Black Rand Holdings- Employee Satisfaction Surveys − These surveys explore a comprehensive range of factors that are proven to impact employee satisfaction & therefore the level of commitment that they are willing to give to the organization.
  • Engagement Surveys (CTS Engagement & RESPECT Engagement) − These surveys explore factors that lead to employee engagement & equip managers with actionable data on individuals in their teams.
  • Culture Audits (ITAP Cross-Cultural Solutions) − These surveys effectively inform & bring about improved human capability across functional, global & cultural boundaries. They enhance the organization’s interactions & processes by adapting to the different cultural dynamics.

Available System Options

We offer numerous standard, configurable, custom and multilingual options for:

  • System Project Setup
  • Standard Questionnaires
  • Client-Specific / Custom Questionnaires
  • Employee Load
  • Client Administration
  • Standard Data Export 
  • Custom Reports
  • Aggregate Reports
  • Automated E-mail Reminders
  • Online Help & Information
  • Dedicated Account Manager

System Advantages

The system provides unique advantages:

  • Content independent
  • Supports any rating scale (single or dual)  Supports any competency model
  • Supports all languages

Additional Services

Black Rand Holdings also provides other support services, including:

  • Executive assessment services
  • Competency model & survey design
  • Assessment & development centers
  • Process implementation
  • Data analysis & reporting
  • Feedback facilitation
  • Coaching.

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