2. Black Rand Holdings Monitors™

Getting Intimate With Your HR Processes

Ensuring optimum individual & organizational performance is crucial, yet there are organizations that have HR processes that have little or no proven impact. Many processes focus on merely filling out forms to record history or on implementing programs to motivate staff, only to have everyone in a remedial frame of mind. With some thought, conviction & effort, organizations can ensure processes are engineered to be truly effective.

Are your processes actually producing the outcomes they were originally intended to produce? Should you be investing in technology to support them as they are? Are you looking to change your processes, and if so, how can they be improved?

Black Rand Holdings has designed a unique range of HR process audits or Black Rand Holdings Monitors™ that will help you to understand your processes more thoroughly. Black Rand Holdings Monitors explore the extent to which fundamental elements of each process (irrespective of how those processes are operated) are in place & effective in the organization. They help to prioritize process improvement actions & can be excellent pre-cursors to any process automation. The prioritization of results can even be made easier by using a dual scale version of the audit – collecting assessments of the business criticality of each process element not merely how effective they are.

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Black Rand Holdings Monitors audit the following critical processes, in addition to single & dual scale, & come in two versions of each (Employee View & Manager/HR View):

  • Performance Management (Including Development Management, Engagement & Retention, & Recognition & Reward)
  • Talent Management (Including Workforce Planning, Career Management, Succession Planning, Development Management, Engagement & Retention, & Deployment)
  • Recognition & Reward
  • Diversity.

How It Works

Black Rand Holdings Monitors™ is one among several highly respected survey solutions that Black Rand Holdings provides as a managed service. Black Rand Holdings conducts process audits by applying a ‘best practices’ standard. It involves the following steps:

  1. Initial Consultation Session – you describe your current process (es) which you feel are in need of an audit. You & Black Rand Holdings will come to an agreement on the process(es) that will be audited, the type & content of the questionnaire(s), & which additional options you would like to use for feedback facilitation &/or research study.
  2. Survey Administration – you decide on how the audit is to be delivered, online or paper.
  3. Results Facilitation – Black Rand Holdings will administer a workshop which illustrates the results of the survey.
  4. Action Planning – These are solutions that will enable you to use the information generated from the audit to move toward taking action. This is part of the core functionality of the audit process. There are multiple options available.

Available System Options

We offer numerous standard, configurable, custom & multilingual options for:

  • System Project Setup
  • Standard Questionnaires
  • Client-Specific / Custom Questionnaires
  • Employee Load
  • Client Administration
  • Standard Data Export  Custom Reports
  • Aggregate Reports
  • Automated E-mail Reminders
  • Online Help & Information
  • Help Desk Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager

System Advantages

The system provides unique advantages:

  • Content independent
  • Supports any rating scale (single or dual)  Supports any competency model
  • Supports all languages

Additional Services

Black Rand Holdings also provides other support services, including:

  • Custom questionnaire design
  • Research study
  • Post-survey process redesign
  • Action planning website
  • Action planning workshop

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