The Route to Best-Fit Solutions

Black Rand Holdings has invested more than time working closely with clients who each had their own unique requirements. During that time, we have crafted and refined a methodology for implementing true best-fit solutions. Known as ‘The Black Rand Method’, it enables us to partner with each client to deliver a sustainable solution that meets their specific requirements – promptly and cost effectively.

The Black Rand Method is not an event; it is a process. The Black Rand Holdings process becomes a characteristic of the on-going partnership between each client and Black Rand Holdings, a journey towards optimizing performance. It characterizes a relationship of mutual trust and support, not one of client-vendor dependency.

Take the Black Rand Holdings Method Journey

Each organization is different. In order to stay competitive, leading organizations learn to leverage those differences. The Black Rand Holdings Method provides a disciplined approach that ensures HR projects are implemented within the framework of organizational identity, drivers, cultures, etc.

THE BLACK RAND HOLDINGS METHOD achieves best-fit solutions via a disciplined process that:

  • Starts with and focuses on the client’s business case – what has driven them to seek a solution and the goals they aspire to achieve
  • Engages all appropriate stakeholders (to ensure consensus) and experts (to ensure the best solution)
  • Considers and evaluates options, consequences and benefits before determining the solution
  • Produces, reviews, and signs-off an appropriate design and implementation plan
  • Manages the change taking into account readiness, capabilities and cultural issues
  • Manages the project through to the achievement of goals
  • Is as easy and simple as it can be, yet as detailed and robust as it needs to be.

The Black Rand Holdings Method is applied to all projects – consulting and technology, large and small. It leads to optimal solutions, be they off-the-shelf products or custom processes, tools or applications. In each case, The Black Rand Holdings Method delivers what the client truly needs and wants – a true best-fit solution.